About Us

History of ODP

The enormous success of one’s work reveals its quality. Ocean’s Deep Printers was established in 1995, founded by Mr. Shripal R. Patel.

He set out with a vision in mind to innovate and a mission to create a centre of excellence in the printing industry. Today, Ocean’s Deep Printers has created its own benchmark in the industry with a spread of 20,000 square feet of innovative work space.

Ocean’s Deep Printers is proudly pursuing it’s 26th consecutive year in service bearing only one goal in mind, to move the needle in the printing industry with the aid of further expansion of the company. Following in their father’s footsteps, Vrund S. Patel and Shubh S. Patel, have set out to make strides for the company by expanding their horizons and stepping into a broader range of creative and innovative printing and packaging services, offering increased product alternatives.

Ocean’s Deep Printers offers the best innovative packaging options with proficiency in industries including pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, incense and clothing.Today, we proudly stand as one of India's top league companies in making clothing boxes and labels.


Shripal R. Patel

“To be innovative and offer services, we had to be a think tank for our customers. Building a team with a vision of excellence and having designers focusing on developing innovative products in order to achieve 100% customer satisfaction was of utmost importance for the company. Ocean’s Deep Printers thrives on this culture and serves as our key selling point. Our customer has the liberty to choose from numerous options while taking into consideration the impact of the product on their consumers. This impact is all about the touch and feel.”

At the age of 25 years, I embarked on the journey of starting a printing company, who aspired to be different from its competitors with the vision of revolutionizing the printing industry. In order to achieve this goal, I had to think outside the box. Bearing this in mind, Ocean’s Deep Printers was born in 1995.

With only success in mind, the amount of hard work required to get the ball rolling seemed insignificant. After years of tremendous hard work and effort, it is now, 25 years later, Ocean’s Deep Printers is on a path to achieve greatness in the printing industry with continuous development and innovation under its belt.

“It is just the beginning.”

Vrund S. Patel

“The only way to success and growth is via consistency and innovation”. With this in mind I set out to create something that would set us apart from everybody else in the business. My goal was to create a brand that would serve in enhancing our customers’ brand recognition with the help of our cutting-edge printing technology.

Following in the footsteps of my father Mr. Shripal R. Patel, I was determined at a very young age to expand his business in innovative and creative ways. With a bachelors in commerce, a fresh perspective and outside the box thinking at the age of 18 years, I stepped into the world of printing and packaging. Since then I have founded two subsidiary companies to Ocean’s Deep printers, namely, Vraaj Packaging and Ocean’s Marketing Solution.

My goal with Vraaj Packaging was to mainly create a brand whose sole focus was trading of Polly Pouches (plastic and paper) manufactured via Ocean’s Deep Printers.

Maintaining long-lasting and ever-present relationships with product consumers serves as an important means to marketing. In this day and age, the internet serves as a major

platform for company branding. Taking this into consideration, I started Ocean’s Deep Marketing Solution, where we develop websites and create personalized social media posts enhancing our customers’ brand recognition.

I firmly believe that success comes to those who work hard. With determination and a fresh perspective at the age of 18 years, I dived right into execution without wasting any valuable time and have continued my journey here at Ocean’s Deep Printers ever since. My goal was and will always be to strive to expand in the world of printing and packaging with the aid of consistently delivering innovative products for our clientele.

Shubh S. Patel

“Taking the digital printing world to a whole new Era.” To achieve success and to be the best in business, in today’s world, it is significant to be DIFFERENT. Taking our customers’ profitable business growth into consideration, I was committed to step my foot into the world of latest technology on hand in the printing and packaging industry. I was determined to create products for our customers entailing best quality with maximum precision.

I knew at a very young age that this was my true calling. I wanted to explore the innovative world of printing and packaging with the aid of technological enhancements, ensuring production of the highest quality product. I have been a part of Ocean’s Deep Printers since the age of 19 years. With the drive to create change in the digital printing industry, I started “INNOVISION”, a subsidiary company of Ocean’s Deep Printers.

Our company’s mission is to lead print enhancement into the digital age with exclusive touch up on your printed material and to be known for our passion and commitment in providing customers profitable business growth. The company is set out to achieve its goals with the use of latest Scodix technology.

I am working on our core values to build great relationships with business associates as well as implementing new technologies with "INNOVATION", which in the true world make ours a great place to work.